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Sue DePriest  &  Chrissy Hoffman

Licensed Real Estate Salespersons

Sue DePriest  &  Chrissy Hoffman

Licensed Real Estate Salespersons


Welcome Buyers - Come Have a Seat

Sit down with us and tell us your story.  We begin by listening.  Is this your first house? Are you downsizing?  Is your family growing?  Buying a house is a life changing event.  We manage the details - you focus on your dream.


We are by your side, as your trusted advisors, at every stage.


We love houses!  

We love the potential of a neglected, historic victorian,  the snappiness of a swanky new build or the quaintness of a lovingly maintained cottage.  We have had the fortune to sell some of the most prestigious, lovely, stylish, and eclectic homes of Western New York…from Eden to Amherst and beyond. We’re passionate about these homes.  We are passionate about showing you these homes.


We’re a real resource.

You can find mountains of information on the internet, not all based on fact! All real estate is local.  When you come across data let's discuss it and interpret it together. Finding a home is only half the job! Only 1 in 21 contracts are accepted as written. We’ll be your trusted advisers through the negotiations, the inspections, the contracts, and the closing. Want to know the perennials the deer won’t eat? The best new brewery? A good plumber?  Ask us.


Be more than a messenger.

Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Anyone can deliver a buyer’s offer to a seller. A talented professional should be a skilled negotiator, a partner, an educator, a buffer, a source of information, and a guide.


We are fun and energetic.

Working hard for your interests is in our best interest. In fact, most of our customers have come to us by referrals from people who actually enjoyed and valued their partnership with us.


We will represent you with integrity.
We are speaking on your behalf to attorneys, appraisers, contractors, inspectors and sellers and we will always communicate promptly, courteously and clearly.


We’re not stereotypical agents.
We are not pushy, we are passionate.  Representing your best interest is in our best interest. We have a loyal following with past customers.  We have wonderful Testimonials - please see for yourself!  

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