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Welcome Sellers - Let's Get You on Your Way

You are sure to have a lot of questions and we have a lot of answers!

We are by your side, as your trusted advisors, at every stage.


Let's walk down the road together...


We’re fun and energetic:

We fall in love with the beauty or potential in each house we list.  The enthusiastic spirit shines through to the buyers.  We are not pushy, we are passionate.


We’re competent and committed.

This is our business, not a hobby. We listen. We research. We do the hard work on your behalf.   We pride ourselves in our communication - you want to text, we text; you want an email, we email; you want a phone call we call; and, of course, we are happy to meet in person too!


We’re credible.
We’ve earned a reputation for selling listings from the simple to the magnificent and maximizing the selling price you get for your home.  Representing your best interest is in our best interest. We have a loyal following and past customers.  We have wonderful testimonials - please see for yourself!


We’re proactive - not reactive.

We work passionately and tirelessly to ensure that all the angles are covered, not simply reacting to, but anticipating hurdles.

We're excellent merchandisers.
Tried and true: a picture is worth a thousand words. We look at our website as a storefront and we are committed to excellent photography and engaging copy. This will maximize the features of your property so that it gets the most attention possible on social media and internet websites. We send each buyer home with “day dream” brochures and links to website slide shows.  We want them sipping coffee, scrolling through photos and dreaming of life in your house.  We understand the power of mood, staging and a sophisticated presentation.


We will be a resource.

We can be your first call from beginning to end. Need a plumber, painter, gardener, attorney, insurance agent - we know many.  Need a solution to all that clutter - we know who to call.


We will be frank and honest.

Are your pets putting off buyers?  Does that stained rug just have to go? Have you priced yourself out of the market? We will tell you the hard truths.  

We will listen.

We are all pulling in the same direction toward your ideal outcome.  Need extra time to find your next home? Need to sell fast? Let us know and we will strategize together.


We will represent you with integrity.
We are speaking on your behalf to attorneys, appraisers, contractors, inspectors, and buyers and we will always communicate promptly, courteously and clearly.


We will be discreet.

Our job is to tell the story of your lovely home.  Got a new job or Aunt Mary left you a lovely inheritance or you have twins on the way - that’s not our story to tell, it’s yours!


We will be more than a delivery person.

We are experienced negotiators and problem solvers.  What are the hurdles - let’s face them, solve them and move on!


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