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About Us

We fall in love with the beauty or potential of each house.  Our enthusiasm shines through to buyers and sellers.  We are not pushy, we are passionate and professional. You have hired us to do a job. This is our business, not a hobby.  We return phone calls. We do our homework.


We love nothing more than to help people find their dream life. This means we have learned to be very good listeners…we know our market.  It’s not just real estate to us. 


Many times the buying and selling of a house is very exciting.  Maybe it's your first home or the family is growing and you need more space.  Maybe you have been planning and dreaming of a new house after years of building a career and now is your time.  We are here to help you plan every step.  


Sometimes life beats us up a little and changes may be difficult but necessary.  We understand this too and will be confidential and trusted advisors. 


Our 2, 5, 11, 16 and 30 years experience gives us opinions and we share them.  Are your pets putting off buyers?  Does that stained rug just have to go? Have you priced yourself out of the market? We tell you the hard truths.  But, also, we listen. We are all pulling in the same direction toward your ideal outcome.  Need extra time to find your next home? Need to sell fast? Let us know and we will strategize together. 


We can be your first call from beginning to end. Need a plumber, painter, gardener, attorney, insurance agent - we know many qualified professionals.  Need a solution to all that clutter - we know who to call.  We are negotiators and problem solvers.  What are the hurdles - let’s face them, solve them and move on!


We represent you with integrity. We are speaking on your behalf to attorneys, appraisers, contractors, inspectors and agents and we always communicate promptly, courteously and clearly.   We are discreet.  Got a new job, or Aunt Mary left you a lovely inheritance, or you have twins on the way - that’s not our story to tell!


Core Values are always guiding us through our real estate relationships.  Our clients are at the center of our every effort and are always treated with truth and integrity.    Through listening we are able to learn your priorities and desires.  You will always feel you have been listened to and understood.  We are building a relationship we will enjoy for years to come.


Sue, Chrissy, Renee, Kerrin and Tina

Competent, Credible and Committed.   Call us today!

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