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Staging Your Home for Sale

Time to get shipshape! You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Look at your house, inside and out, through the buyer's eyes. We want your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible. 


Interior Spaces:


Inspect your house room by room using a critical eye.  Paint, if necessary, in neutral colors (no shocking pink, here please!). Clean carpets, drapes, light fixtures and windows, inside and out. Keep floors clean and clear.  Dust bunnies have got to go!


Start packing!  Remove all tchotchkes and personal photos. Find a place for everything and put everything in its place.  Let buyer's fantasize that they will live a clean and organized life in your home.


Sparsely furnished rooms appear larger.  Remove some furniture, if necessary.  At time of listing our staging expertise goes into overdrive, so don't worry, we will tell you where furniture and decor should be and what has to go! Buyers should be talking about your house, not your prized 10 point buck or your beanie baby collection!  Remember we are preparing for the best possible photographs. Let's dazzle buyers as they shop online. 


De-odorize.  Don't make pet odors, mildew, smoke, or scented candles be the first impression.  Please remember many people are allergic.  Your house should be clean and odor free.


A clean, clear kitchen is a must.  Your refrigerator is no longer a bulletin board.  Clear away all unnecessary or rarely used items from the countertops.  You are aiming for spacious and un-cluttered.  Make your appliances look like new.


Sparkling bathrooms help sell homes.  Imagine you are walking into a luxury hotel room.  You certainly don't want to see someone's leftover soaps and lotions. Put away everything.  Nobody needs to know you use dandruff shampoo!  Crisp white towels and linens speak volumes.


Secure valuables, medication, firearms and all toxic cleaning supplies. 


Make closets look bigger.  Invest in plastic storage bins and keep packing.  Organize and classify your closets to make them seem functional not stuffed.


Finally fix it! Inspect your house room by room using that critical eye. Fix that doorknob that had dropped on your toe, get rid of that drip, drip, dripping faucet.  Replace long overdue dead lightbulbs - this is important - don't let buyer's question your electrical system because of a simple blown bulb.


Present your home in the best "light"!  Open the drapes and blinds and leave lighting and lamps on during showings. 


Set the tone!  Have the radio on soft background music for all showings. Think Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, soft jazz.  Something familiar to most people. 


Curb Appeal:


Make an entrance. A fresh coat of paint on the front door is always a good idea.  Call us if you are not sure of the color to use!  


You can't sell a house if you can't see it.  Trim all bushes and plants. Keep plants from blocking windows.  Pull those nasty dandelions and mulch the beds - natural looking dark brown only please!, no black, no red. Mow the lawn. Keep it trimmed, edged and fertilized.    


Create a Honey-do List. Clean and repair gutters, shutters and downspouts. Step back and look at your mailbox. Does it need to be replaced? Inspect all windows and screens and repair or replace as necessary.  All chipping and peeling paint should be repaired on the house, garage and any outbuildings, including Snoopy's dog house.


Neat and tidy. Store garbage cans, building materials, wood scraps and Barbie's playhouse in the garage. 


Outdoor living.  Clear patio and decks of clutter.   Power wash decking and patios to brighten them and remove unsightly stains and slippery moss. Put away empty planters, flower pots, barbecue tools and charcoal.  Start fresh with large pots of one color of flowers that compliment your exterior.  In most cases, white is a safe option but we are only a phone call away for advice!


Outbuildings/Sheds.  Don’t forget that outbuildings need to be in as good condition as the main home.

We live in Buffalo so remove snow and ice.  


Be sure your property is safe for showings. 

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